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Fungi The Dingle Dolphin
In 1984, a young bottle-nosed dolphin took up residence in Dingle Harbour. The now world-famous dolphin has remained in Dingle since, and has become both a friend to the locals and a great "attraction" for visitors. Over the past 20 years of his residency, Fungi has warmed the hearts of both locals who see him every day and of the thousands of people that have travelled from near and far to catch a glimpse of him. Why a wild dolphin, free to leave at any time, would choose to remain in Dingle, is a question that has baffled scientists and laymen alike. But one thing is sure—Fungi loves being the centre of so much attention!

A Unique and Fascinating Phenomenon
Some say that it is wrong to profit from Fungi, that the parade of boats following him around the harbour mocks him. But then you see him chasing the bows of fishing boats or racing with a fast ferry and you know that it is all a game for him, and he loves it! It is a unique and fascinating phenomenon that he has stayed so long in Dingle. He is a beautiful and graceful a creature who has chosen to live in a magical part of Ireland. To see him jumping in the waves of the harbour is a sight you will never forget.

Boat Trips to See Fungi & Swimming With Fungi
The Dingle Boatman’s Association has eleven boats ferrying people out to see Fungi. Trips leave regularly from the Dingle Pier and last for around 45 minutes. There is a money back guarantee if Fungi fails to make an appearance, but don't worry, he has never once failed to show!

You can also swim with Fungi in the mornings when there is little boat traffic in the harbour. Dolphin swimming trips leave every morning at 8:00 AM. You will need a wet suit and all these activities can be organised at the dolphin office on the pier in Dingle.

Fungi Fungi
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